Freshening up

Before (-ish, forgot to take a true before pic in my eagerness to get started):


It's called Spring Fest and it is only slightly less aggressive in person. It's definitely a fun colour! We'll have to see what it's like in the flat winter light but for now, for summer, it's a great change.


Under attack!

I was walking up 17th Ave toward Cambie just now and two crows attacked me! They were first squabbling in the big trees that line the avenue, making a ruckus, but I thought they were just fighting amongst themselves until they started aiming for me! They were swooping me, getting closer and closer until one of them got his talons on my head! I was totally freaked out! Ducked, ran for cover and used my bag to try and block them, eventually crossed the street, but that wasn't good enough for them. They followed me and continued to dive bomb all the way along the block. Finally I got out from under the cover of the trees and they still followed me, up and around the corner until I took refuge in Caper's grocery store! Holy crap! It was scary!!! The woman behind the Caper's counter asked how my day was going and I had to say something about it; turns out she and her son experienced the same thing yesterday evening on the same block. So obviously the crows are protecting something, maybe new hatchlings, but they were seriously fierce. I'm going to avoid that area for a little while. It was so Hitchcock!