Another walk in the city

More pics from wandering on Granville tonight.

Excuse, but how amazing is it that someone had the genius notion and the follow through to type, print, and packing-tape secure this banana bread recipe to a random streetlight? I kind of want to say "only in Vancouver" but in reality I have lots of hope that you would find this beauty in any other city. People are fabulous.

Maybe Ouisi Bistro was inspired by this week's Glee episode where Will and Coach go down to the local honkey tonk to let off some steam, are invited to perform on stage (as one is), and belt out this John Lee Hooker classic to great acclaim (btw, the episode is about the perils of underage and binge drinking, and Will pretty much shows up his Glee kids to that effect), but whatever the motivation, I personally find $13.75 Cdn to be a damn good deal for a whole lotta liquor. Pity I couldn't find a soul willing to join me in an adult beverage this Friday evening! L-Boogie, I MISS you! So instead I went home and made up one of these amazing grapefruit bourbon sours. And damn, it is gooooood. Plus it's grapefruit season so it's the smart choice.

Have a fulfilling and surprising weekend everyone!


Cute things adorning cozy spaces

Bad girl! Posting from school when you should be working and when you might get caught by one of the more dedicated (read: anal) students! Oh well, all in the name of funky home design.
Check these out!
What?! Too freakin cute. Scrabble tile pillows available here. Oh, and in honour of this week's meaningless Hallmark holiday, these by the same artist:
Bit over the top for me, but definitely high on the cute meter. Like the Cute Things Falling Asleep site that you wouldn't want to admit you visit.


A great Saturday

Two wonderful things happened in my life today! Early afternoon I finished a full draft of the CIRCUITS paper. Yes, friends, the beast that has been on my back for four years and on my desk for eight months has finally been tamed! I sent the draft to John and expect there will be many revisions, so it's not completely off my desk yet but it is so, so much easier to do ANYTHING once you have a draft. I can't believe it, in many ways, but I'm oh so glad. I believe the appropriate comment here is FUCK YES!

Then Rocco and I went to the next event in the DanceHouse dance series. We have season tickets (expensive but very worth it) and always look forward to the next event. Well this one was incredibly special. Doug Elkins (choreographer) and Friends presenting their piss take on The Sound Of Music, called Fraulein Maria.
Yep, the image does show multiple Marias bum bopping with some of the Von Trapp kids wearing curtains to the "Do A Deer" tune. The piece is a fabulous mix of stellar contemporary dance and breakdancing, true to Doug Elkins' style. Many liberties were taken, like the eldest child who is a woman in the movie, is played by a tall, gangly, and very creepy man in drag in the dance show - which of course means "I am 16 going on 17" turns into a whole new ballgame! The show opened with an emcee conducting the audience through "Do A Deer" in sections, and this kooky emcee kept appearing at odd moments throughout the rest of the show. Including a hat dance he performs with Doug Elkins on a bench - somewhat tangential to the other dances, but so clever and engaging. "Climb Every Mountain" was the most brilliant dance of all. Elkins comes out in a hoodie, basketball shorts, one long black sock and sneaks, and b-boys his way through the piece in grand style. Phenomenal, hilarious, relevant, and captivating.

Ok, actually, I think there aren't enough positive adjectives to describe Fraulein Maria! Oh, and the nuns! Oh my god! I can't possibly do it justice. You'll just have to keep your antennae up in case the show is coming anywhere close to where you live. Doug Elkins and Friends are a New York company but they're touring this show pretty extensively, so you might be in with a chance to catch it. God, it was a great night last night. Yes indeed.

Happy weekend!