A totally hilarious comedy group from Halifax called Picnicface do sketch comedy and produce these ridiculous, pee-your-pants-from-laughing videos. I'll put two up here (the funniest, in my opinion, and the cleanest) and leave you to watch the rest at your own risk and level of comfort! They are eminently quotable but considering the content you will want to be careful just where you bust out Picnicface lines. Stace, be thankful you'll be released from the bonds of student-friendly language within a few days of watching the videos!

And the followup to Powerthirst:


Oh my

I take no responsibility for even finding this, but I will post it for your amusement. :-)


Magic birthday morning coffee!

It's my birthday!
I normally wouldn't really care that much or advertise it like this but today marks a big one - the big 3-0! And I'm just excited about it all!

I'm starting celebrations early with Bailey's in my coffee. Who's gonna stop me? I'm thirty, after all, so now I answer to no one! HA!

Looking forward to a great, low key kind of day. I want to do brunch, and a long bike ride with friends. And I'm having a joint celebration tonight with an awesome friend who has her birthday tomorrow. We'll be filling the world's cutest little French cafe, likely donning horrendous French accents, and swilling vino while quaffing crepes. Sweet!

I hope everyone is having a great day, too! Especially Elvis Costello and Boy George who also celebrate their respective births today. Go, go gemini power!


current favourite

Two reasons this is a great ad: the eyebrow waggle after the kid gets it, and his hilarious laugh at the end. Perfect!

We're bugged!

I'm sure every one of you reading this knows that we've been seriously thinking about moving to a new apartment simply because this apartment doesn't offer any outdoor space. I would love to have a deck to relax on in the evening with a glass of wine, or for coffee in the morning, and a space for the cats to get some outside air. Pretty much I've been talking about it incessantly since the weather started to warm up this Spring.

Well obviously we're being bugged. The landlords decided that while they had a contractor on site to replace their own deck that was falling apart, they might as well see about building a deck for the upper apartment that is accessible from our fire escape. YES! Since yesterday we've been woken up at 7am by contractors banging ladders against the house and hoisting tar paper and other goodies up to our fire escape. The new deck will extend over the roof that completes the landlord's kitchen downstairs. I'm guessing the deck will be about 5 or 6 feet by 10 or so.

Definitely by the end of June it will be all wine on the deck, all the time! It will face East, Southeast so the container garden will get decent light. Sunshine in the morning for coffee and the newspaper, and shady in the evening for wine and friends. I can't wait! Now all we're plotting is some painting inside and moving the furniture around so the place feels new again. But no expensive move, no massive rent increase since the market has exploded while we've lived here, no worrying about finding a place that will allow not one but two cats. They are welcome to listen in anytime if this kind of action is the result!