Fighting the good fight

Did I mention that they drew my name for the 2009 Knee Knacker? Yep, they did. Damn them. So I have a 50km trail race in my future, in July to be specific. About all I can say to that is "dear god"! We've started training (running buddy Jane also got in) and I have a lot of work ahead of me! Not only that but this year the race organizers imposed a mandatory volunteer requirement on all entrants. By June 15th each entrant must have volunteered at least 4 hours with any group, for any cause, or forfeit their entrace fee and place. Personally I think it's super cool. Most people will probably volunteer at another race or do their hours cleaning up trails on the North Shore. I thought I would take a look around for other opportunities that might be out there, and found a fantastic site.

Go Volunteer is a website that lists hundreds if not thousands of volunteer opportunities all over Canada. They range from long term commitments to short term or one-off opportunities like special events, and there's a huge diversity of groups who are using the site to advertise positions. You can narrow your search by interest (like Arts or Health, etc.) or by location, or by availability.

I know there are very few of us who see any time in their schedules available for volunteering, but this race has forced me to find some time, and actually I'm really looking forward to it. A new group of people, trying something new or teaching something that's old to me to a new student, and getting to see another side of my community. Take a look at the site - I think you'll be surprised at what's out there to take advantage of. Have fun!


Great ad

Browsing Craigslist and found this little ad:

Love it! Is anyone interested? I'd go pick the stuff up for you just to meet the person who posted it. :-)