Skoki landscape shots

Skoki lodge, in situ.

View from Merlin Ridge showing the valley we hike through to the ridge.

More Skoki pictures

Mom and Rocco cooling their feet in the glacial creek after hiking up to Merlin Ridge. Painfully, but heavenly, cold!

Rocco emerging from a rock chimney you climb up and through during the hike out along Packer's Pass.

Me and mom standing on Packer's Pass, about to descend to Baker Lake, then Boulder Pass, then out on day three.

What a fantastic holiday!

photos from great hiking in Alberta, Sept 3-6

Mom and Dad hiking along the trail that leads from Lake Louise Ski Resort to Skoki backcountry lodge.

Mom and dad on a rock ledge after clambering up a bit of a chimney, on the way to Merlin Ridge on day two.

Yours truly up on Merlin Ridge. It was windy up there!