I know. It's really only funny to me.


You've seen this right? Jesus, you've really gotta see this if you haven't seen this. See this.

Quit while you're ahead

I'm in a book! I've co-authored a couple articles on comfort in built environments (i.e., can operable windows and control over building heating make you a more happy, productive, and obedient employee?) with a team of solid academics at UBC. Ray Cole, our lead author, is like a king in green architecture, so we knew the articles would get some play. In fact both articles had been commissioned from him and I was just lucky enough to become a co-author, almost by chance.

It turns out that one of the special issues has been printed as a book, published by Routledge! I had no idea this was coming, and neither did my supervisor, so we were both surprised to find bound hard copies on our respective desks this week. Yeehaw! When we met yesterday we shared a "what the hell?" moment of surprise, then I suggested that I've made it and I should be free to quit the PhD now. Strangely he agreed...maybe I should be looking for a new supervisor?

Guys, I really think this is gonna be a bestseller. You knew me when!


Cozy crafting

Inspired by a friend who recently made a gorgeous softshell jacket all by himself, I undertook a craft project recently to make a dress that's been in my head for months.

Here are some pics of the finished dress. The fabric is a fairly heavy sweatshirt material, and the pockets are lined with navy microfleece that I had lying around because I thought four layers of the sweatshirt fabric would be super bulky. I wasn't planning on pockets for this dress but the pattern I used for a base had pockets, and now I'm glad I dared because they pockets turned out really well and in the future I'll be less afraid to add such details. The bottom and sleeve hems are raw in the hope that they will curl up with wear the way old sweatshirts do. The neck edging is totally made up by me and looks a bit shoddy if you ask me. The final overall look is definitely homemade, but what more was I expecting, having not sewed from a pattern in 15 years? I'll probably wear it around a bit for casual days, but ultimately it's not the dress that I had imagined it could be. At the very least it's got me sewing again, and I learned a lot from doing it, so bring on future projects (and forgive my cheesy posing!)!

A tale of two films

This first one is circulating on f*&$book, so some of you may have seen it already. It's worth watching; it's beautiful.

The second film is a kind of response to the first. It's less beautiful, maybe, and more wonderful, definitely.

I like the second one more simply because the man in the second film is far less creepy and sinister than the man in the first film. There's something to be said for simply being who you are, warts and puke, n' all.