Salmonella's no joke.

After taking a little abuse about not posting enough, I triumphantly return with a little time waster. Check out Harto on Youtube. She's relatively hilarious. She likes to drink, and she's not picky about what she's drinking. She also likes to cook. She MOST likes to combine the two. The result is her minor intertubes sensation, My Drunk Kitchen.

You don't have to watch them in order, and in fact they get better as she gains experience. I haven't watched all of them yet but here are a few of my favourites from those I have watched.

Episode 10: Poutine, in which Harto visits New York of the North, licks gravy from her laptop and mocks our noble moose.

Episode 5: Smashed Brothers, in which Harto mocks Grandmas and participates in MOAR DRINKING.

Episode 4: Not Easy, Bake Oven, in which Harto intelligently recruits supervision while using the oven to make cookies. Or are they biscuits?

Mostly these vids make me think fondly of drunken times with the Duchess. I have twin scars on my wrists from baking tater tots and McCain ovenbaked fries while wasted. Those scars and hazy memories will stay with me for life. Also, Miranda is this your gal friend Jesse? Totally could be. That would be even MOAR hilarious.