For my Alberta eaters

Through six degrees of separation, I found this site for the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association that allows you to link up with farmers and food producers so you can get your food directly from the producer. Those businesses listed might be the farm itself that offers a U-Pick, or a market that carries locally produced food stuff. The coolest feature is a google mapping tool that lets you look up any food, like beef or broccoli and a whole extensive list, and pins producers on an interactive map.

Here's a screenshot of searching for basil.

It's such a great tool! Happy food hunting!


The evolution of Boris binding

As you scroll down the page, witness the evolution of Boris binding we've recently experienced.

Majorly depressed in his doctor-prescribed cone. He wore it for over three weeks!

A delightful sweater that Boris found far too tempting to lick - maybe because it was quite like fur. He licked it to death after only a couple days.

T-shirt number one. A good compromise; freedom from the cone that was not licktastic but he did manage to pull the stitches apart after about a week.

The current look: Super B! T-shirt number 2.

I can't believe he still needs to be wearing anything, but the weird wound in his armpit is still not totally healed. I'm suspicious it's more than the vet thought, but maybe we'll see the vet again for another opinion next week. Meanwhile...Super B wears his colours!

Sheldon the Magnificent!

Here he is! All 7lbs, 12ounces of him. I've met him by webcam and I get to meet him in the flesh in a couple weeks. Can't wait! K and H are happy he was a little early and everyone is doing very well indeed, thank you. K even said something ridiculous, that maybe I shouldn't be repeating here in case it incites acts of wrath from other mothers... oh well. She said it wasn't even that hard! Seriously?! I think maybe she just really wants Sheldon to have cousins. Yeesh.

Closing note: SERIOUS CUTIE! Congratulations to all three of you! And send more pictures!


Evil baby ... or is he?

This is for Kath and Hugh. I hope life with wee Sheldon is this much fun!


Bothering Boris just got Better!

Boris is still in need of the cone, but I asked the vet on Friday if there was any alternative to the elizabethan collar. She said I could try and rig something up, and I needed no further encouragement!

Behold: Sweater Boris!

I took an old, stretched out sock of Rocco's and fabricated a kind of kitty bolero jacket. It has a hole for one arm, giving him the most mobility, and a sleeve for the arm with the wound that requires protection. Right now he's hobbling around trying to get used to the contraption, but I think he's relieved that he's now able to bathe himself and fit through small spaces once again. Hey, now he and Rocco can be all Matchy McMatcherton!

No, Rocco is not painfully hungover; it's just a bad angle and I took him by surprise. And no, I'm not wearing the Shaka Khan look on purpose; this is my morning hair. Like it or lump it.

All hail the kitty bolero!