Successful integration!

With minimal fuss and fighting, Sophie and Franklin (?) finally met face to face today and are already sharing nap space! We introduced them through a small gap in the door for about an hour, then gave that up and allowed them into the room together. They've been separated for about four days and have had lots of time to smell each other and hiss under doors, etc. They chased each other around for a couple hours but no blood was shed and Sophie even seemed to be holding back a little, content to chase but not to kill. Seriously, we are amazed and delighted! I think they should still spend the night separated just in case, but otherwise, a successful integration!
By the way, no need to point it out, we do recognize that we now have a cat who disappears on our sofa and a cat who disappears on the grey carpet. I'm not sure what that says about us...


  1. Anonymous7:49 p.m.

    I think you should name your cat Elliot. How have you been? I haven't chatted with you forever.

  2. Anonymous5:54 p.m.

    How about Mr. Meowington?

  3. i totally think he's boris...has that been working?

    a tonne of thanks for your hospitality! it was great to see you guys!

  4. Nice family you got going on... Now remember, no favorites ;)