The Chief - 2nd and 3rd peaks

Saturday was the first beautiful Saturday of the season and some friends invited me for a hike up The Chief near Squamish. We had a gorgeous day of it and I've decided that this hike is one I will take all my visitors on. It's totally accessible - only a short drive from Vancouver, the views are astounding, and it actually gets easier as the hike progresses so you get the hard stuff over with early on. Plus it has very fun elements like bolted chains to help you climb up rock folds.
Here are some photos one of our group took:

Climbing up a rock fold using the bolted chain.

Reclining on the warm rocks of second peak with a beautiful view.

A gap between second and third peaks showing Squamish down at the bottom.

On top of third peak, admiring the view.


  1. Very nice. I am jealous!!!

    Makes my first nice day at the park seem a little less exciting. And I was VERY excited! The snow has finally gone and we were able to stay out all day!

  2. Very Nice! Can't remember the different peaks, bro and I did a climb on the right side, near the apron to the top. Not sure which peak that was, but do agree that the view is stunning.