Gots ta get PAID!

Just filling in anyone who was becoming concerned...after three and a half months of no income, damn if I didn't finally get paid!

I've held a new RAship for two months already and there was problem after problem with the forms to get me on salary for the work I was already doing. Stupid, ridiculous problems like the administrator coming to me and saying, "UBC payroll doesn't have your birthdate and they need that to process the forms." Uh huh. So how did they manage to pay me for the other five jobs I've held on campus over the years, and why didn't they (or YOU, ya donkey) check one of the 52 other places my birthdate is on file in order to find out? Ridonkulous.

The point is, I finally have a (modest) amount of money coming in again on a regular basis so I can rejig the domestic costs distribution Rocco and I had adjusted for my non-income status, and I may actually be able to pay my tuition that will come due in three weeks. PHEW! In the nick of time, I tells ya. The nick of time.


  1. Yaaaa pay day. yipee indeed...it's looks as though you have had a pretty good summer. Nice photos!

  2. Oh money... I can't wait to start getting paid a full salary again!

  3. OMFG don't even get me started on UBC payroll . . . I've had to deal with so many problems since we transferred under their umbrella, I can't even begin to list them all. Good think you finally got it sorted. Maybe soon they'll figure out that I've worked for UBC for six years, and will start paying the money they owe to MSP, who in turn will stop sending me bills :)