Chewed up and spit out by craft fairs!

I've been craftin' like a maniac. Some crafting of my own (I love you Dresssew!), but also major proxy crafting by way of others. This town is awash in craft fairs! A few of the fairs have been smaller, community-run kind of deals, but a couple larger fairs have been showcasing local and national craft talent, with lots and lots of opportunity for buying! The best to date have been:

Make It Vancouver! K, you should definitely go to the Edmonton Make It this coming weekend!
Got Craft?  This one was great and I picked up a number of gifts (thank goodness! Too much shopping for me under the guise of holiday shopping!)

And a few of the fabulous finds at the various sales:
  • Amazing matted fabric scarves or neck warmers that are worn as necklaces, made by Giulia Fatica. Gorgeous pieces, each one unique. My friends and I huddled around her table for almost a half hour picking out pieces for each other. 

  • Cutest ever felt creatures by Him Creations including thumb-size owlets and mohawked brown fuzzy guys. 

  • Beautiful head pieces by A Farmer's Daughter that may be over the top, but are also totally fabulous and look striking.

I'm gearing up for one last round this weekend with my sister, at Portobello West. I have a few more things to pick up for gifts, and then I'm totally tapped out by the craft fair bonanza for the season. This is nothing like heading down to the SAAG with my mom one cozy afternoon in December as we did when we were young. Definitely my love of craft was inspired by the gift shop there and the beautiful creations made by local artists, but the craft fair season of a larger city like Vancouver is... overwhelming to say the least. But fun! And ephemeral! It passes. So you've got to get it while it's hot. On to Portobello!

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