Flexing the tendons

Well, besides the fact I'm getting physio on my wrist for triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC), I've been wanting to get a toque finished for my neighbour/landlords downstairs who are expecting their first child. Luckily, the knitting didn't seem to bother my wrist much, unlike washing my face at night or turning right while driving (who can predict these things?). So I managed to finish what might be my cutest knitting creation yet: Fraise Heads! Strawbabies! Fruit suit!
Soooooooooo cute! I'm feeling like I've got this particular baby toque NAILED. It's always the Umbilical Cord Hat from the Stitch N' Bitch book of knitting patterns, but I've started playing with the colours and pattern a bit to mix it up.It's not pink! It's red. Couldn't get a photo that really did the colours justice.
I'm not being original here; lots of folks have thrown twists at this basic toque pattern, and there are multiple lines of fruit hat wear out there for knitters to whip up. I've seen eggplants, tomatoes, apples, etc., and I'll get around to trying out a lot of them, if willing models continue to show up. But it's fun to shop for yarn and imagine the finished product, then sit my butt down in front of a movie (12 Angry Men (1957)) and start and finish a hat in one go.

Fun with yarn!

UPDATE: Turns out Kathy had a baby boy 12 hours after I finished the hat! Three weeks early but everyone is doing fine. AND I gave the hat to the new dad and he said the one thing they were missing was a hat to bring him home in! Too perfect.


  1. Anonymous10:56 p.m.

    I'm impressed. Reminds me of strawberry shortcake and her gang.