Birthday trip and late breaking news

Rocco and I returned home Monday night, grubby and exhausted after a terrific weekend away camping on Galiano Island.

We had a fantastic time, and the weather really came through for us - three days of sunshine and temps upwards of 20C. We camped at the provincial campground Montague Harbour, where we've previously stayed on a cycling trip, but this time we were car camping. You know, the kind of trip that allows for all the best parts of camping, like cold beer and camping chairs.

We did an awful lot of sitting around in the sun and in the shade, reading books we bought at the island bookstore first thing Saturday morning as we drove off the ferry. I swam in the ice cold ocean while Rocco laughed at my cringing, and we pointed out every deer, arbutus tree, and dead crab the island had to offer. Sunday we hiked in to Dionisio Point, the northern-most area of the island that has a campsite accessible by boat, pedal, or foot only. We were promised seals though, and didn't see a single seal, but the area is simply stunning.

And without further ado (or additional threats from "friends"), here's the news. We're getting married! I know there are a couple people who might still read this blog that I haven't had a chance to tell personally, but word is getting out so I might as well make it public. We've already got the marriage so we might as well throw a party, right?! Part of the reason to visit Galiano this time was to scout possible locations for the wedding. And wow, you're spoiled for choice on the island! Check out the view from this possible ceremony site at Bodega Ridge Resort:

and the cabins where many of you could stay on the property:
Nothing is for sure yet, lots of decisions remain to be made, but we've pretty much decided to have the wedding in BC, next summer (2011). I don't know yet if that means May, July, or September, or on an island or in Vancouver. You'll hear about it as plans firm up, but I do promise you one thing sincerely, this blog will NOT morph into a boring, tedious wedding planning blog. You know me better than to fear for that, I hope. Also, I promise a gooooood party, because with friends and family like you guys, how could it turn out to be anything but?

It was a fabulous trip. This image of the sunset over the shell beach should sum it all up for you - peaceful and utterly relaxing!


  1. Wow! Married? I'm so surprised! Snicker, snicker. I guess I can take down that post on WikiLeaks.

    All laughs aside, congrats and we can't wait for th party... perhaps we'll have to do a pre-party this summer eh?

  2. Yipee and the news is out! I love the new layout/background/wallpaper/masthead - whatever the appropriate term is for what you did to your blog. Noted and liking it!

  3. Anonymous9:33 a.m.

    D and I were confused if the wedding plan was Ireland or "The Island", now I know. Congrats! So exciting!

  4. Hey we can afford the island with change to spare! I can bring that mickey I wanted!