walking with camera phones

Just a couple pics from a walk with Rocco, taken this afternoon.
I know this one will appeal to L-Boogie.
So sad! Her accordion! Well, Doran could be a guy, but I picture a lovely, kooky gal who plays the keys on her cow-patterned bellows. I also picture the destitute accordion out on the curb for many days, gathering damp and gloom. My heart breaks for her and the pumps! I hope it turns up and I hope it's in salvageable condition. :-(

Oh god. We're working on making our wedding invitations, and no matter how hard one tries to avoid the massive commercial industry of capital W Weddings, it's shoved down ones throat at every turn. Just looking for paper we can print and cut ourselves, and we should have but didn't expect to find the Bride aisle at Michael's. Rocco thinks this parasol is very fetching and will really suit the climate of Galiano Island in August. Bets on folks: how much did he pay me to pose with this for the photo?

Nice day, nice walk, avoided the rain, didn't find any purchase-able paper. But the accordion ad made it worth it. What happened on your way today?


  1. oh man, she's never getting that accordion back. and i wonder if we can train swans to carry those parasols at the wedding?

  2. I made our wedding invites (which involved printing, cutting, sewing into booklets, taping, and more cutting and taping) and found the paper at Loomis, which I think is now De Seers? I can show you a sample if you want.