The Lethbridge Veg

I'm so glad my little sister is blogging! She keeps feeding me new recipes to try, and passing on great blogs and other items she has found along her blogging travels.

Great news for Lethbridgians, Katho found a blog by a Lethbridge woman who is into growing her own food year round, preserving and canning, local producers, and vegetarian eating in Southern Alberta (not a simple thing to accomplish). The author's husband eats meat so some of her blog posts also include references to local meat producers who are doing things the ethical and organic way. Check it out over at The Lethbridge Veg. I was most impressed to see her listing interesting workshops happening in the Lethbridge area and pointing her readers to local independent businesses where you can buy food products you can feel good feeding to your friends and family.

Thanks for the tip, Katho!

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  1. Liminal me whereeeeeee areeeeee youuuuuuuu?