Hiney, hiney, oh!

My bum be sore!

Let me qualify that. At the cult on Tuesday we ran 5km then had a lecture/demo from a chiropractor who is also into biomechanics and stuff. She stretched us but good! I really enjoy stretching but I just never make time for it, so the rare day that includes stretching usually means a couple days of pain to follow. She showed us this glute (aka. ass) stretch that has caused intense ache in my bottom ever since.
I might go find a hot tub to sit in for a few hours until the muscles give up their pain to the sweet swells of bubbly water. I know, I know. If I worked regular stretching into my day I would not be in this much pain. Well, in a perfect world...


  1. Hey who was the chiropractor? Did she sound and look like Barbie? If so, I have seen her and she is fabulous. She's also a marathon runner. tres cool.

  2. Yeah, that's her! She seemed almost too perky but really knowledgeable. I'm going in for an assessment soon, where she will probably tell me to buy new shoes and stretch more. Huh. Maybe I don't need to go in at all!