We suspect there's a sting about to go down on our street, or at least there's somebody being staked out. That's why I'm whispering, 'cause the unmarked but ever-so-obvious* cop car is parked just across the street from the window I am sitting at while typing this. The car has roll bars and double aerials. It has an on-board computer thing and no hubcaps, which I'm told are all dead give-aways. Our nextdoor neighbour leads an alternative lifestyle, and I've suspected a strong lean towards the narcotic in him and his random collection of regular/irregular visitors.

When I was living in Toronto I watched two bounty hunters get their prey, a mid-thirties woman, from a walk-up apartment building across from my bus stop. My local grocer and I discussed it at length while the man and woman dressed in black fatigues kept their right hands on their holsters and staked out, then flushed, the building. It's kind of exciting to see that sort of thing right in front of you instead of on the glowing cube, but I would rather it didn't happen anywhere near my home. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather live in a slightly grittier area than a fully gentrified, yuppified "community", but I still want to live somewhere safe and clean.

Anyway, in tonight's case, we think the cop across the way is being intentionally obvious. It may not be a marked car but apparently anyone in the know would recognise enough to get their dope somwhere else tonight. I feel like going out there to tell him that most of the customers come in the afternoon and through the back gate, though some do come to the front of the house. On the whole, it is probably best to stay the hell out of it and keep to my own business. Still, I'll keep you all updated if anything big goes down! Ssshhhhhhh!

*I'm the naive one; Rocco is the informed one.

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    Wispering hurts my eyes, Kath