Best holiday shot so far and GREAT NEWS

Rocco's sister gave me a finger elephant. She was very surprised at how much this little gift rang my chimes! We have plenty of other shots from our trip, but so far this one is the best, and perhaps the most unexpected.

But what's the GREAT news? Besides receiving a finger elephant for christmas (who could ask for anything more?), we splurged a bit to start the new year off on the right side of the bed. We bought a mattress! Goodbye student futon days! Sleep Country Canada delivered our very own Body Contour Bliss this morning which means that tonight's sleep should be life changing, or at least life enhancing. Sitting on top of the frame that used to hold the futon mattress, the Body Contour Bliss comes up to my waist! I need to shop this afternoon for new deep pocket sheets and a small step ladder. I'm supposed to go for a run today, but it's going to take a supreme effort to not curl up for an extended nap to try out the new bed. Oh, it just started raining. Now I really need extra motivation to go run!


  1. Once you go mattress, you never go back. Very dangerous. Very, very dangerous...

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  3. We bought a new mattress from Sleep Country a couple of years ago . . . actually a floor model, not brand new, so we couldn't return it and I freaking HATE the thing. I can't wait till I can afford a new mattress again and my body can be in bliss too! Lucky you guys.