More money spent

And more time spent blogging! I have to mention two more purchases made since returning to Canada. I didn't spend the amount I expected to while in Ireland, so when we got home I made a few strategic purchases. The mattress was one, but here's another. The North Face Apex Bionic jacket. Two justifications for the purchase:
  1. I haven't had a proper jacket in years and years and it is damn cold around these parts lately so I need one
  2. I finangled $30 bucks off since another store two doors up had the same jacket (different colour, different size) for thirty bucks cheaper. You should always ask.
  3. What an awesome colour!
Ok, that was three reasons, but still, I *love* my new jacket! The last purchase that I feel the need to tell you about is for women only. Men, avert your eyes.

I have never been a supporter of Calvin Klein or his products. He builds things to fit fantasy women then charges absurd prices to make the common people feel excluded, all while continuing widely condemned production practices. But... I was in The Bay yesterday and found this neato thing, CK have packaged some bras and undies in small plastic ziplock bags so it feels like you're buying underwear from a vending machine. Call me a packaging whore, but I bought a bra. And it fits. And many underfed, underpaid, poorly treated workers in a developing nation got a few pennies for my weakness. I suck, but I look good in a t-shirt!


  1. CK = moment of weakness. TNF = lifetime of happiness.

    I can always support the purchase of gear!

  2. Hell ya, Marko! My jacket makes me happy, happy, happy. I intend to wear it in good health for years to come. And guess what else? You're not the only one with telemark gear now!