Switchin' it up

Mere hours after my parents left Vancouver, we finally moved in our new loveseat. It was purchased from some guy a couple weeks ago and it's taken us this long to arrange a van and a mover guy. Finally FINALLY the god forsaken futon has been taken apart and is now advertised on Craigslist (quite poetically, as a matter of fact). We've had a couple nibbles and with any luck it will be out of the apartment by tonight.

And, yes, we chose the new couch to match the cat. Now any visitors will have to check carefully before they sit down or suffer a cushion full of claws!


  1. Wow! Look at you all growed up!

  2. I know! We are offically a Futon Free Zone! Not that there's anything wrong with futons. I got great use out of various futons for many years, but it feels good to be moving on, too. Plus I just *hated* that balck metal futon. Can you think of any uglier piece of furniture? ok, well, I can, but I still hated it. Good riddance.

  3. dawnald7:44 p.m.

    I like it- looks like Sophie does to!

  4. Anonymous3:00 p.m.

    Ha ha, I told you Sophie would match it perfectly! Must feel great to have the futon gone. But now where am I supposed to sleep when I come visit? Just kidding. So I take it the sofa didn't fit in Beatrice. kath. PS. I need glasses. What kind are yours? Obviously I won't buy the same ones, but I like that style.