Some wacky German with a flair for electronics decided to wire his cat, Mr. Lee, with a still photo camera so he can see where the cat wanders during the day. Very clever, resulting in some cool photos and an interesting cat's eye view. The camera is attached to the cat's collar under the neck so in some shots you see the cat's chin and whiskers.

One of my favourite shots from the cat's third recorded adventure is this encounter with a snake!
I do have one question, and I'm sure it has already occurred to you too, and that is how many photos of the cat licking itself have been filtered out from the final photo album? In the page about how famous Mr. Lee became, there is a comic that raises the same question (click on comic to enlarge):

You'd think I would have better things to do with my time than find these random sites, right?

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  1. Anonymous10:43 a.m.

    Meg, while I love both you and Sophie, I'm becoming slightly concerned with the degree of multi-media feline content on your blog. I think an intervention might be in order...