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Here's the deal: Starting Monday the 2nd, I am sitting nine days of exams to pass into candidacy for my PhD. It's been rainy and grey here in Vancouver for months (months!); we only had one week of hot sun in May and grey drizzle since then. Check out the forecast for my exam period when I'll be buckling down, stuck inside and glued to the computer:

Monday is reasonable and appropriate weather for my first day of angst (yeah right, actually it's been months of angst as you all know) but the rest of the week, up around 25C every day?!

Wish me luck on the exams. I'll either be conspicuously absent from the blogosphere or I'll be blogging constantly to take mental breaks. We'll see. People around me have been very generous in their supportive offers like offering to drop off meals and offering their Sylvia espresso machine for the duration! A student colleague even offered to do some proof reading on the down low if I think I need it. Pretty sure that's against the rules of the exams so I won't be taking her up on it, but the offer is definitely appreciated. I'm going to try and keep running to salvage some sanity but this exam period will be a true test of my endurance.

When I resurface, I'll let you know how it went. I defend my responses in an oral defence on July 23rd so there is a long window for self-doubt and anxiety. I intend to get outta Dodge and drown my sorrows in a beer around a campfire somewhere in the gap after visiting with my parents who will be passing through. If you're local and interested in joining me in some car camping, let me know!

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