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I ran yet another half-marathon this morning. The Pacific Road Runner's "First Half" half marathon, so called because it pretty much marks the start of race season in these parts. During the race registration in October the race sold out in 5 hours and 19 minutes, so I feel very lucky I managed to get a spot. I actually registered that morning while in a meeting. Thankfully since most people keep their laptops open during meetings, no one saw me logging in, and I think no one noticed my stealthy extraction of my Visa from my wallet and the subsequent registration. It's cut throat, I tell ya.

The race went well. We yet again found a nice window of weather even though the forecast was for crazy rain. A friend in my school program scored an entry as well and we were fairly evenly matched for pace so we ran the whole thing together until he sprinted the last 300 metres. I'm definitely happy with a time of 1:52 and wouldn't have made that without his slightly faster pace pulling me along. Rocco kindly came down to meet me at the finish and, after a brief de-stinking, de-salting shower, we celebrated with brunch at The Tomato. Mom, some disappointing news. Your random act of subversive interior decorating is no longer evident at the new location. Boo hiss!

Another phenomenal physical feat? Wait, not to say that my race was phenomenal, but this next thing certainly is. January 23rd my dad had surgery to replace his left hip. That was a Wednesday and by Saturday they sent him home from the hospital on a pair of crutches. By Monday, we were webcamming and he very casually stood up, walked over to the counter and made a cup of tea - no crutches or any aid! His recovery is every patient's and doctor's dream so far. He's in very little pain, only enough for a regular tylenol once in a while, and is already itching to get back to the gym to further repair the damage inflicted by the surgery. Yay!

For decades, mom and dad have taken very good care of themselves. Before the surgery they routinely went to the gym three or four or more times a week, and have always had quite healthy diets, thanks in great part to my mom's fabulous cooking. They are very concerned about getting a good amount of nutrients, minerals, fiber, and red grape tannins (haha!) and generally live life to the fullest because they are physically fit enough to do so. All of this has definitely been a strong foundation from which to get an invasive surgery like a hip replacement and explains dad's healthy recovery. His hip had deteriorated due to advanced osteoarthritis - what can you do? Arthritis has sometimes been tied to overuse of the joint, but I'm with dad on this one where I'd much rather be active and have a healthy heart and body composition than sit around feeling smug that I won't be giving myself arthritis.

All in all, we're all delighted with how the surgery went (only 1.5 hours!) and how his recovery appears to be going. Now if this continues, we may even get him back on skis next season...!

Take care of yourselves,

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  1. Anonymous3:20 p.m.

    Congrats on the great time. Once we thaw out up here I will start running again. Not half marathons, but running none the less.