Subversive behaviour

In honour of Mother's Day, I'd like to share a story about my wonderful yet kooky mom.

Once upon a time, mom and dad made a trip out to Vancouver. They visited merrily with two of their three daughters and their partners, drinking glass after glass of red nectar and exploring the taste sensations of the city. Having recently visited overseas, Rocco and Liminal Me bore gifts from afar for mom and dad from friends on the Emerald Isle. Unfortunately, the gifts were sub-par and kitschy, but the sentiment was warm and friendly.

The visit continued and a great time was had by all, but finally the last day of mom and dad's visit dawned early. To maximise on visit time, the clan assembled at The Tomato Fresh Food Cafe for a quick brunch. Mom had already tried to regift the Irish kitsch, but her clever offspring were too quick for her, so the kitsch was borne to brunch, headed for its rightful home in Alberta.

As one is wont to do, mom excused herself to the ladies' room after eating, but carried with her a mysterious lump bundled into her jacket. Oddly enough, the jacket was decidedly unlumpy when she returned to the table. The next person excused herself, not attracting much attention, but returned quickly trying to stifle giggles and mirth. What could it be, we all wondered? Mom didn't wonder; mom looked coyly smug. The Irish gift, a wood plaque painted with a cliche of good wishes, was nestled among restaurant paraphernalia on a table outside the restrooms. It fit right in!

That was in March. It is now May, and the Tomato Fresh Food Cafe will soon be closing their doors at the current location, moving to Kitsilano. Rocco and I wandered up the street for brunch there yesterday, ruing the announcement of their impending move. After brekkies, I made my way to the ladies' room. Lo and behold, what did I find? That not only was the Irish kitsch still displayed, it had in fact been moved to a better location to be kept out of harm's way!

Can you spot it?

We're really excited about the possibility of the kitsch being moved from the Cambie location to the new location in Kitsilano. They move at the beginning of June, so I will seek out the kitsch at that point and document any findings.

Here's to moms who keep us laughing!


  1. I like that. I think I need to re-gift a few items to some commercial locations.
    Perhaps this is a new trend?

  2. Kooky? Moi? I just take great pleasure in releasing stuff into the world to see where it goes. Kind of like launching daughters, but less heart stopping! Let's hope my "plant" moves up in the world to Kitsilano... Judy

  3. Ahh haa haa! That makes me giggle. Here's to entertaining your kids!