The Lions!

This long weekend we hiked to the base of the West Lion. The Lions are two rocky spires that are visible from Vancouver on clear days and the hike has a reputation for being grueling and dangerous...but we took it on anyway! Ten of us hiked a point-to-point hike after some car shuttling, starting at Cypress downhill ski area and hiking up the Howe Sound Crest Trail, over Mount Unnecessary (it really is), to the base of the West Lion, then straight down to Lions Bay. 9 hours on trail, 1280m elevation change(!), and 24kms later, we were so pooped! Not too pooped to indulge in some tasty Indian food though. All in all, a very long, very difficult, and very rewarding day. Too bad the fog hid the views from us most of the day. At least we didn't get rained on!

Also, here's a link to a google map of the hike with some photos tagged by other random internet weirdos.

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