and another hike!

We've really been cramming in the hiking in the last month, once I realized summer was almost over and we were running out of time!
This Saturday we hiked to Elfin Lakes with Rocco's work peeps; an annual adventure that usually ends up being a pretty small group. This hike was wonderful. Long but not technically hard plus phenomenal views all along the hike and at the huts for lunch. It's a popular hike both in summer and winter so we didn't find the solace of solitude, but it was still beautiful. Here's the album:

But it's not all outdoors and mosquitoes around here! We had a Day Of Culture today, including a visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the final day of Krazy and a show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Today we heard an hour-long monologue about mall culture by a brit named Jem Rolls. What a sweaty dude! Entertaining and challenging for sure. Friday we saw Die Roten Punkte, a brother-sister duo (allegedly) from Australia who ruthlessly mocked both The White Stripes and eurotrash punk culture (their name is The Red Dots in German). We're finishing the day off with delicious bottle of 2006 organic malbec by Jean Bousquet - delicious! - and big plates of homemade puttanesca. It's been a great weekend but I'm totally toast!

Oh well, time to look forward and book tickets to some of the Vancouver International Film Fest showings starting a little later in the month. That's after a conference trip for me, a cycle camping trip for both of us, a trip to Whistler with the department, and an assload of work for both of us. Holy crap!

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  1. nice pics! I love scree... such a fun substance.