Heirloom falls flat

My heirloom tomato plant has been slowly producing little gems all summer. Some tastier than others which, according to my dad, is due to the fact that I have never mastered the art of fertilizing plants. Tomatoes apparently are highly subject to what you add tot he soil and that will directly affect their flavour. Oh well. I'm getting better at it now that I know that.

Check this guy out.

It grew between the slats in the railing around our deck. I was worried that trying to pull it out would cause it to explode but it's intact! Weird looking thing. It's like in the 70s and 80s when there was a craze to produce square eggs. You soften the shell by leaving it in vinegar for a couple hours then squeeze it very carefully into a mold. After the egg "sets" it should have taken on the shape of the mold. Who the hell came up with THAT?


  1. You can get vegetable molds from Lee Valley that you stick around zucchini when they are small, then they fill out the mold and become shaped. Corn shaped zucchini? Heart shaped? A tomato shaped like an elf's head?


  2. Well thanks for the link, and all, Katie, but those things are CREEPY!

  3. I LOVE them. They are so funny!