Preparations nearly complete

It's not quite 9:30AM here in Vancouver and I've already got the squash and potato gratin in the oven that we'll take to Rocco's office holiday party tonight. I'm imagining other house dwellers waking up and wondering how they could have slept through the day to dinner, judging by the smell. But there was no other time to do it today as I've got a lunch date, an afternoon meeting with some Emily Carr University people, a gym date (yes, you read that right) and in there somewhere I have to figure out what to wear to this party. Our sixth. Yikes.

This is the last party before we get a few days to organize, then fly to Alberta. Last weekend it was madness - 5 parties in 5 days, and that was only the invitations we accepted. On Sunday we could have gone to a Hanukkah party (we did, good dreidling!), a tree trimming party, or a contra dance. Dueling traditions! By the end of it, though we were glad we made it to every party, we were totally exhausted, way over fed, and over-peopled, if you know what I mean. This week was much more relaxed socially but very busy professionally. But, moving on, the holidays are here!

You might remember that last year I had some trouble getting into the holiday spirit. Not so this year. Maybe it was the overflowing bounty of parties, or the act of sending little parcels to fabulous people in my life (one of you has already received yours, one of you should check your mail soon!), or just the anticipation of seeing friends and family at home. Whatever did the trick, I've been looking forward to the break for weeks now. So, a big shout out to those in Alberta or traveling there in the next couple days, call me! We'll ski! We'll snowshoe! We'll hold new babies (C'mon Dawnald, I know you can do it)! We'll get tipsy and wander the snow covered streets! Not at the same time, of course.

Oh man, that squash dish smells soooooo good. Oops, I haven't had breakfast yet! No wonder I'm salivating. Enough stalling, on to the rest of the busy day. I hope you're all ready enough for the holidays and that you get a chance to down tools, put your feet up, and enjoy it this year.

Lots of love,
Liminal Me

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  1. Thanks for getting tipsy and wandering the snow covered streets of Lethbridge and Calgary with me!