Conehead Boris

This poor little noodle gave himself a stress lick while we were away for the holiday. Licked his armpit (yes, that's right) raw, pretty much, so he had to be in a cone for a few days while we applied ointment and tried to break him of the licking habit. Oh my god he was so miserable! He would try to run away from it, hit the cone off a doorway or chair leg, freak out even more and try to bolt again! There was pee everywhere because he just couldn't contain himself. He took to lying on the couch with his cone and face facing the cushion, totally the most depressing sight. One upshot is that he really sought out comfort from us while the cone was on so we got lots of cuddle time with the usually reserved Boris. He finally kicked off the cone on day four and we think he's pretty much over the stress of it. Can you imagine if people had to be put in cones for various illnesses and conditions? The world would be a tragic place - and pretty hilarious.


  1. Anonymous1:39 p.m.

    Are those your shoes Meg??

  2. totally wicked wedges!!