The evolution of Boris binding

As you scroll down the page, witness the evolution of Boris binding we've recently experienced.

Majorly depressed in his doctor-prescribed cone. He wore it for over three weeks!

A delightful sweater that Boris found far too tempting to lick - maybe because it was quite like fur. He licked it to death after only a couple days.

T-shirt number one. A good compromise; freedom from the cone that was not licktastic but he did manage to pull the stitches apart after about a week.

The current look: Super B! T-shirt number 2.

I can't believe he still needs to be wearing anything, but the weird wound in his armpit is still not totally healed. I'm suspicious it's more than the vet thought, but maybe we'll see the vet again for another opinion next week. Meanwhile...Super B wears his colours!


  1. I think there might be a market for those shirts. In fact I'm thinking an owner/pet matching pair. Those shirts would be very 80's

  2. It is a significant improvement on the cone...more up to date. Too bad about the sweater being "eaten". Rocco is hard to resist??