Canadiana, now comes in Rocco

Rocco at his seat in the throng of 400 new Canadians sworn in at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver yesterday.

Rocco flanked by the presiding judge who granted him citizenship and the Mountie in red serge who oversaw the ceremony.

Post surprise party, trailing balloons that hid in the trunk of the car the night before. Rocco didn't have a clue that we'd been planning the party for three weeks. He was surrounded by friends and family who are proud to count him among our nation's members. As the judge said during the ceremony to all the new citizens, "You enrich Canada remarkably." Hooray!

And my own accomplishment yesterday, besides pulling off a wicked surprise, is that I wore these stunning shoes all morning and managed to not look disabled. Double hooray! Oh boo, the colours aren't really coming through in the picture. They're shockingly bright, I promise!


  1. Awww! Proud day, congrats to you both!

  2. Anonymous10:02 a.m.

    Congrats!! I have the same photos of Fab.

  3. Nice and a BIG WELCOME to Rocco. Hope Molson was served at the party. I supposed, kokanee would do in a pinch.