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Blog - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I love Threadless.com tees. Threadless is a t-shirt design competition to which anyone can submit a design. If it's accepted it goes to competition and random internet punters (like me and you) vote on submissions over a few days. The winning designs, and there are many, are printed and sold on the site but also sold at stores around the world. The winning designers get like $1000 in Threadless swag and some cold hard cash. Some are very clever, some are not to my taste. Whatever, it's a cool site even *if* they rejected my one and only submission. Guess they didn't go for the homivorous buck (that's a human-eating male deer, you guys). Oh well, I wasn't that attached to the design anyway. This Blog shirt, though, I could see myself being very attached to. I do the BLOOD finger thing every once in a while, often at parties, sometimes for students. I've been practicing the BLOG finger thing all afternoon.

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