Northern Exposure

Some of you are wondering why Liminal Me hasn't been updated in a while. I've been up North, travelling with friends in the Yukon. I'll post about the trip as soon as I can; I'm just checking with the others to see who wants their photos online and who doesn't.

For now, here's a little map of the Territory with our routes mapped out.

My friend J and I arrived in Whitehorse via Air Canada, where D picked us up in her trusty truck, Delores. We picked up supplies and headed straight to Dawson City for the Dawson City Music Festival where a good, musical, mostly drunken time was had by all. After four nights in Dawson City we picked up more supplies and drove a little way up the Dempster Highway to the trailhead of Grizzly lake. A crazy hike in over terrible boulder-like scree took us to a beautiful campsite among the Tombstone Mountains. We hiked out the next day and spent a night at a government campsite on the way back to Whitehorse. J had to get home sooner than I did so we bid her a fond farewell at the Whitehorse airport, and that night D and I drove out to her family's cabin on Tagish Lake, just near Carcross. We sat out a rainy storm that night in the cozy confines of the cabin with the wood stove pumping out heat and good company offering wine and chocolate. Eventually we got back to Whitehorse again and I flew to Vancouver yesterday, Saturday.

It was a totally fabulous, fun-filled holiday. My freckled and slightly tanned self feels relaxed and mostly rested, even though there wasn't a whole lot of sleeping going on.

I'll post more later about the adventure with lots of pics. Watch this space!

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