A couple luxuries of leisure time

A couple topics this morning, both in the field of leisure pursuits: movies and books. Now I'm not talking Oscar winning dramas and intense, wryly-written biographies of political figures. Screw that. I'm talking brain candy, opiates for the masses, got-to-turn-off-all-critical-and-analytical-skills kind of fluff.

First off, I am terribly, terribly excited about the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead Man's Chest! Granted, Kiera Knightley is frightfully awful and has fasted her way to the ever so fashionable Bag of Bones look, but Depp is still delicious and Captain Jack is an excellent, swashbuckling character.
I love that when the first Pirates of the Caribbean came out, Depp told the press he had based his portrayal of Captain Jack on modern era pirates - rock stars like Keith Richards. The second show opens this weekend and I think we'll try and get tickets for Saturday evening. Yarrrr!

My other time-consuming, brain-massaging hobby, besides watching So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesdays, is reading trashy mystery novels. I have a severe addiction to a particular author's work recently discovered. Kay Hooper writes mystery novels about a crack FBI team of psychics. Giddyup! You get mystery, thrills, mind-reading, ghostly apparitions with messages for the living and "out, out damn spot" psychosis. Perfect downtime reading! I tried to read them in order, there are 11 in the psychic FBI series, but they are in such high demand at the public library that queueing for specific titles takes months. I'll take what I can get where I can get it, so right now I'm devouring Sense of Evil (2003) in hardcover even though last week I broke down and bought a more recent one, Chill of Fear (2005). These books are the perfect antidote to all the academic reading I'm doing these days for school.

So, what's your brain fluff poison?


  1. Gotta get me some of that Kay Hooper stuff...

  2. PS: sorry we didn't make it to the pirates tonight - I'm feeling like crap. Hope it was good!

  3. Meh, the first one was better. I *hate* movies that set up the next movie in the series. It's no surprise that Pirates II sets up Pirates III, but it was a disappointment all the same. Still, worth a watch, but nowhere near as fun or ridiculous as the first Pirates of the Caribbean.