Odd politics

First Stephane Dion wins the Liberal leadership race, then Ed Stelmach wins the Provincial Conservative leadership race in Alberta. Both of these candidates were third or fourth in the races when the polls opened, and I would say that the majority of voters did not think either of these guys would win. They are both only mildly charismatic, have mostly middle-of-the-road policy promises (within their parties' ideologies), and are generally unimpressive. I suppose they're the lesser of two or three evils in the race, respectively. Can Canadian politics possibly become more tepid, and should I be complaining that the more dangerous, more charismatic players didn't get in. No way! Morton, in Alberta, and Ignatieff, in the federal race, are both frightening options. I hope you see what I'm getting at though, that lukewarm has won out over hot or cold. We'll just have to wait and see what will change with these election results.

(PS. See what I did there with the images on the left and the right? Clever, huh?)

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