In Memoriam

Beatrice has found a new home where she will be well cared for and adored. We put her up for sale a couple weeks ago and Rocco made the final deal while I was in San Francisco. A young couple who already have experience with a VW van were delighted with the little red beauty and offered a decent price. Turns out they are moving to Nanaimo so Beatrice is returning to her origins; she was first purchased from a VW dealer in Nanaimo in 1973. We'll miss her dearly, and hopefully someday down the road we'll have the capacity to own another classic car. It would be ideal to have a garage for a car of that age so the car is out of the elements and there is room to do some tinkering.

For right now, we're buying a car from my parents that will actually go up mountains and that you can drive in the rain (one of Bea's major downfalls is that water would rush up into the car through the rust holes if it was wet out). I know the Mazda very well and it's a reliable car that will take us where we want to go. We'll have to find some identifiable bumper stickers for the Mazda though or else we'll never be able to identify the boring car in a parking lot full of boring cars. The bobblehead lobster in the back window will help a bit with that. It's more of an albino bobblehead lobster now having been bleached by the sun for the last three years, which I suppose makes it even more unique.

Anyway, we certainly will miss little Beatrice! Maybe we'll get to visit her next time we're on the island. Have a good life, my little red friend!


  1. Anonymous6:57 p.m.

    She will be missed. Did you sell the club with her? Kath

  2. Yep, threw in the club for good car karma but kept the matching sunglasses. You give a little, you take a little.

  3. I'm so glad that I got to meet her. She is a great ride!