"Oh no you didn't!"

Oh yes I did!

My current runners were totally clapping out, giving me foot pain and stinking to high heaven. Got myself a fresh pair of runners which are this year's update of the old pair. I also bought fancy stretchy laces that you tighten and loosen with a pressure toggle. In fluorescent orange. They'll see me comin'!


  1. Are those the Keyano's or the DC trainers? Paul has asics sponsorship, so it's all we run it. I love mine - comfy and light.


  2. Anonymous6:30 a.m.

    Fancy smancy. I'm jealous. K

  3. Katie, from your priviledged position of sponsorship you may not know the street value of those awesome keyano's, >$200! A bit rich for student blood, so I guess these are the DC trainers you speak of. They're pretty nifty, very comfy, but not terribly light. Maybe we should shop together...

    Katho, how's your own running going? Insider secret: if you tell dad you're experiencing a bit of knee pain while running and can't afford new shoes, gifts from above will suddenly appear!

  4. Anonymous8:42 a.m.

    Re. gifts from parents...I thought I was the only one who used the knee excuse to get expensive running shoes? But really, my knees were hurting...

  5. Ha ha! Paul gets sponsorship, not me! Unless I can stuff socks in the ends of his size 11 mens shoes . . . but I was lucky enough to have someone super sweet (Paul)buy me a pair of keyano's for christmas. Now if only someone could figure out the cause of the insane pain in my foot so I could get back to running . . .

  6. I will have to try to get out to a organic store. Maybe tonight I am going out with NO kids. My sister in law and I are going to live it up tonight. What's a little sad is I am wondering how I can squeeze getting groceries into our fun night.