Here we go

My first questions of the comprehensive exams:

1. a) Much of the literature on perceptions of the world that relates to embodiment refers to the apparent schism between abstract rational cognition and an intuitive, more spiritual lived reality. How might these ways of knowing the external environment be contrasted? Can the various theories of environmental perception be clearly distinguished and sorted into those that support and explain the existence of this schism (eg. Disembodiment in western culture is real) versus those that argue the schism does not really exist (ie. we are consciously and perhaps unconsciously informed by our physical and material realities)?

1. b) How does the phenomenon of human movement interact with the larger theories of environmental perception and embodiment/disembodiment? Can embodiment occur without human movement? How does motion relate to emotional response, and what is its role relative to other ways of connecting with our surroundings?

Directions: Pick one question and write an essay response over three days. I'm actually wriggling my fingers with gleeful anticipation. Quite excited to get this started. The questions are broad and maybe a little intimidating, but they are nothing I can't handle.

Oh, and remember the weather report? Today is blue skies and sunshine, contrary to the forecast. Maybe tomorrow will bring the gloomy weather that permits huddling away inside to tap tappity tap on the keyboard all day.


  1. Go Meg go!!!! I'm rooting for you over here and am just a phone call away to drop off essential supplies if you need anything...

  2. Anonymous6:35 a.m.

    Good luck, Meg!!!!