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Office Lip Dub!

First there was Connected Ventures, a company with an office full of young folks with too much energy and a large stereo. After work one day, everyone was hanging out at the office, as you do when you totally love your workplace and your colleagues - sure. They cranked the stereo, put on "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger, and created the world's first Office Lip Dub.

Sorry, the Youtube embedding broke so here is a new link to the video. Trust me, I know a lot of people don't bother clicking on links but it is definitely worth watching!

This first one is still the best, by far, but lots of groups have responded with lip dubs of their own in a variety of work places. Part music video, part workplace promo, all fun, the office lib dub is now a meme popping up all over the internet. It even has its own website. Wikipedia has heard of lip dubbing but not the specialised form of the office lip dub.

Here's one that will appeal particularly to Rocco:

Again, no embedding but watch the video here. Do it! Doo eeet!

I want to make one! There's at least a few people in my building at UBC who would definitely be into it. We'll need a catchy but unusual song, a video camera (the department has one) and some willing volunteers. So fun! You can search for lots more lip dubbing on youtube.com or vimeo.com, but the original and the first responses are all at www.officelipdub.com.

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