Applecare Shmapplecare

I got this spankin' new Macbook this time last year and did extensive research on apple.com and various mac forums on how to get the most out of warranties and protection, among other features. The best advice was to take full advantage of the one-year protection that comes with every new Apple computer, then just before the year of free coverage was up, buy the Applecare plan to extend the coverage over the next three years: four years of coverage in total.

Lats year I marked the date on my calendar this year to buy Applecare at the beginning of this month so I didn't miss the deadline. As you know, we were traveling like crazy in October, such that when I got home I had a bad case of empty pockets and a full work/school schedule to catch up on. Days passed, I put off calling Apple and found a way to pay the $300 for Applecare. Turns out that was unnecessary. I am six days late. Six (6!) days. They transferred me around to a couple different departments trying to score me an exception to the 1-year deadline, but in the end they just won't do it for me. Sucks! Misers!

Maybe the $300 sounds like a lot to you, but considering how disposable computers are made to be now, I figured that four years of top-of-the-line coverage would not only get me through my degree, but probably see me to my next computer. Now I'll have to pay the one-time fee when something breaks; I'm not sure what the one-time fee is, it probably is dependent on what breaks, but I am sure that a couple one-time fees over the next three years will add up to more than the $300 right now.

I'm pissed at myself. Now who's the asshat?

On another note, I'm finally going to pick up the car from the mechanic this afternoon. That's a whole other saga that I haven't really blogged about but is now going into its fourth month! Cross your fingers and toes that this time does the trick and we'll have a dependable car for the winter months and the year to come. At least now I have room on my credit card to pay the repair cost since Apple wouldn't take my money.

Sheesh. I need to go for a run.


  1. Anonymous3:20 p.m.

    That really sucks! But, that is such an O'Silly thing to do. I didn't buy any extra care stuff for my Mac and I've had no problems.

    knock, knock


  2. Anonymous6:37 p.m.

    Seth and I just bought a Mac and we are loving it. So far so good. We are hoping it will last longer than our stupid pc.

  3. Huh. I just built a new machine for about $750 bucks. Do I sell myself some warranty? I wonder if I can get Dora to give me 300 bucks...