Setting myself up

I've signed up for a health assessment available from the campus gym, the BirdCoop. For a mere $32 they'll take my measurements, give me cardio, strength, and flexibility tests, take my blood pressure and determine my body composition (% body fat, etc.). Someone tell me why I'm nervous about exposing myself to this assessment? They can only tell me ways to improve on areas of health and fitness and it's not like the assessment determines anything with serious implications like my ability to do my job. Still, knowing that it is looming - scheduled for Wednesday morning - makes me want to run an extra few km and bench press the cats and eat parsley by the bunch and get my hair cut in an attempt to shed a few ounces. Crazy, huh? I guess I expect that most people overestimate their level of fitness and I'm not above that myself, but it will still be hard to hear. The likely outcome is that my cardio will be deemed fairly good but my strength results will be abysmally low. I've never had my body composition done so whatever numbers they give me for that will not be comparable to anything, they will only be a starting point.

All this to say, don't expect me to report the findings in great detail here but I am curious to see how they do the various tests and how they assess my fitness and health measures. I'll let you know!

Update: I rescheduled. Not canceled, rescheduled. Why? Because a friend of a friend was graduating from stand-up comedy school and we went out to support her at her debut open mike night yesterday. You can't watch stand-up comedy sober, and apparently you can't get your health assessed within 24 hours of imbibing alcohol. So, it will be next week sometime. instead.


  1. All I have to say is it's Winter out here and the skinny folks are the first to freeze and die.

    Long live blubber!

  2. Anonymous9:25 a.m.

    Good luck today! I must say, you are much braver than I am.