Hitting you with the big guns!

Since I was on hiatus for far too long, I'm taking this Sunday opportunity to hit you with MASSIVE BLOG OVERLOAD! And now, for something very clever: An abridged history of modern wars as told by food.

A cheat sheet of what the food is and thus which country it represents is here. A complete description of the battles represented in the short film (and the original video link) is here

I've seen some comments claiming the film trivializes the death toll of these battles, and some comments thanking the film maker for finally making clear to them who was in bed with whom during the various conflicts. I agree with the first comment that when the film gets around to the most recent conflicts that I remember well in my life time, the screaming fries just can't do justice to the massive loss of human life and the ensuing suffering. But, it's an incredibly clever and well-made representation of the wars we have known and have learned about, presented in an engaging way. Thoughts?

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  1. Overload...overload. Too much at once. Hey been waiting FOREVER for you posting overseas. Please... it's killin' me.