Project Intimacy

I know a number of friends who would love a little public privacy, and a number of people who could use it. These beautiful, wearable vestibules of privacy are designed by GAIA design group to provide intimate space for you and possibly yours in places that otherwise don't afford it. In GAIA's words:

"The project is based on three keywords: isolation, intimacy and ornament. It consists of a set of wearable objects that can be converted into means of isolation, to create a personal intimacy in any environment. The idea derives from a reflection on the change in our relationship with the domestic environment, due to the effects of our increasing mobility, and how this has affected our concept of intimacy, creating new demands. This led to the design of four accessories, screen for four different parts of the body: eyes, ears, face and upper body, expressing, through their shape and colour, our desire for intimacy at any time, any place, on various levels.

"An ornament that can be worn.
A gesture to transform it.
A secret place for personal intimacy.
A reminder of our exterior aspect.

"A strong, dominant exterior that conceals a fragile, personal interior."

PS. I bet you'd like me to STOP posting now, wouldnja?

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