Covet, covet.

I practice one of the seven deadlies: I covet the new Macbook. It has a dual processor, Intel chip (faster though unholy), built in iSight, and a whack load of bling. Extra Extra!

Don't get me wrong, a fondness will forever reside in my heart for the ancient (ok, 2001-01) Pismo I currently use and abuse. The Pismo is solidly built, handles the extreme surfing and text editing I use it for, and has stood the test of home remedy (a 40gig hard drive I installed myself last September) and my rejection of an actual laptop carrying case in favour of my roomy and junk-filled backpack. Still, the hinges are shot which caused much giggling and questioning of the plant pot I had to bring to my presentation this morning to prop the damn thing up, the screen is incrementally fading to black and should be toast in about 6 months at the current rate, the mouse button jams regularly under the keypad causing unintentional online purchases plus a bevy of other problems, and the poor Pismo is too heavy to lug around so its mobility is not only compromised, it's been terminated. Yeouch! What a sentence!

If the plan goes to fruition, I'll purchase a 13" Macbook, a second-hand but decent quality monitor for the desk at home, and bluetooth-enabled full size keyboard and optical mouse. I'll be set! If the plan goes nowhere, I'm stuck with the Pismo for another year or so. That wouldn't be terrible since I've started to think of it as a cultural icon of a bygone era. Soma, an über-hip coffee shop on Main Street, is a Mac zone; I have yet to see a Dell or similar PC in the place. I have also yet to tote down the Pismo and watch the Hipster reaction to such a dinosaur. All the little iBooks and Powerbooks in the place should start to tremor and applaud that my Pismo is still functional, fashionable (in my twisted mind), and grandmotherly. Hell, the baristas might even spot me an americano since it will be so obvious I'm down on my luck and can't afford a new, shiny, über-coveted, Macbook.


  1. I think you should bring the Duo to Soma instead. Word 5.1 rox.

  2. Anonymous10:13 a.m.

    Just to be a devli's advocate - my friend Nis just recently told me his work ordered a whole bunch of the new Mac i/power-books and they were all LEMONS!!!!

    Weird eh?....something about that Intel chip perhaps not agreeing with the Mac heart...

  3. I used to have a pismo! Unfortunately it died like 2 weeks before the first draft of my senior thesis was due. I got an ibook (it had just come out that year) and have been using it ever since (even though the battery has like 5 minutes of power if you unplug it from the cord).

  4. Anonymous3:43 a.m.

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