Not contrary atall atall!

The fire escape garden is growing! Things are sprouting and reaching for the stars - you can almost watch the peas grow by the hour. It has only been maybe 3 or 4 weeks since I planted everything, and I'm astounded by how fast some of them are growing.

Here you see the tomato plant that is almost becoming unwieldy in its rambunctious growth, the sugar snap peas that will eventually climb the string trellis, and beyond you can see Crazy Neighbour's backyard full of junk, dogs, beer cans, and more junk. The lovely Sophie is doing what she does best, giving the camera a bit of assface. Let me just brag a little on behalf of the sweet tomato:

See the fruit?! See the little globes of goodness already asserting themselves on the stalks? We'll have home grown tomatoes before the end of June! This strain grows to only about 1" diameter, a little bigger than a cherry tomato.

This last pic shows the other half of the fire escape garden. Cos and Sangria lettuces are both starting to look good. I planted a few more seeds of both this morning where the original planting didn't take. Maybe this will mean they are staggered perfectly so we'll have garden-grown lettuce all summer. In this picture you can also see a pot of Dahlias, barely through the surface, a pot of mustard greens (yum, yum!), and a mint plant. The mint is being grown purely for the purpose of convenient mojitos to sip throughout the hot Vancouver summer. The large terracotta pot has five snow pea bushes that don't need trellising; they're looking very healthy. The last long planter holds green onions, cilantro (thanks to Dawn's gift last year) and chives. Only the cilantro is up so far but I have my fingers crossed. Rocco is particularly fond of the alliaceae family - good thing it doesn't affect his body chemistry in any way that affects my olfactory system. It's all about me, isn't it?

Actually, these days it's all about the fire escape garden. Sophie and I would spend all day everyday out there if I didn't have schoolwork to get through and she didn't have an insatiable curiosity for the steep roof abutting the fire escape. I wish we had room for a lot more even though it would be more work. There's still hope that the peas will grow in great abundance so get your orders in now!


  1. Anonymous10:14 a.m.

    That looks awsome Meg!....wow...

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