Out for a date

After cleansing for 12 days (ok, maybe it was actually 11 days - I cheated) on the Wild Rose Detox, not enjoying any yeast, fermented foods including soy sauce, flour products like bread or pasta, or sugar of any kind except in unadulterated fruit, we splurged. My main squeeze and I (let's call him Rocco) planned a date night to end all cleanses. We would go out (a thing impossible to do on a whole foods, no flour cleanse) and feast, drink and be merry. It's taking me a while to post this as a matter of fact, what with all the deleting and retyping to correct for wine and mangalore (a concoction of spices and champagne), the result of a more than pleasant, utterly indulgent, cleanse-busting dining experience.

Vij’s, an Indian fusion dining experience, treated us extremely well. We arrived only 45 minutes after opening for supper service, but at the door we were still quoted a 45 minute wait. We expected it so agreed and headed to the rear lounge to have a drink and wait it out. They serve appies in the lounge and I might have had enough to spoil my appetite except that we waited a full hour to be seated. In the end it was worth it: we split the tofu, rapini and spinach appetizer, I ordered the celery root and bulgar koftas, Rocco ordered the chicken cilantro curry. The food was exquisite and speedy. The bottle of wine we ordered turned out to be over the top since we spent more time eating than drinking and had to hang about afterwards to finish the booze we had already paid for. It was a tremendous night out, and I would recommend Vij’s to anyone with an appetite for something new and shmoozy.

Yum, yum, YUM. Off to digest and recline.

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    Wow...I wonder how "Rocco" likes his stage name....heh heh