Formal introductions

Blog, this is Beatrice; Beatrice, meet blog.
Beatrice is a stunning example of a Volkswagen Type 3. She's a squareback, though the Type 3 came in the fastback and the notchback.

At a bit of a loss to write about, but recognising the large number of hits Liminal Me received this weekend, this is a short post about Rocco's new car. New. By new I mean new to him. By new in this particular case I mean new to this millenium since Beatrice's birthdate is August 24th, 1973. She was born in Nanaimo and has been a BC car her entire life. Rocco is only her fourth owner. Granted, she needs some TLC for the rusting of the undercarriage (you can see the asphalt by lifting the back seat) and a few new seals in various parts of the engine, but otherwise she's quite sound. She is, as you can plainly see, as cute as the cutest button in Buttonville in the province of CuteButtons.

Check out the junk in this trunk!

We have followed various leads to mechanics who might be in the know and a few people interested in bodywork on this kind/age of car. The best folks around for bodywork happen to be down in Portland, Oregon, about 5 or 6 hours away; they call themselves the Die Dritte Baureihe, German for "the third type". We may take a (slow and cautious) road trip down there this summer to get the worst of the rusty bits replaced. Another gang are organising a Type 3 invasion in Myrtle Creek, Oregon one of the last weekends in July. The invasion sounds completely fun: an ass load of Type 3s descend upon an unsuspecting town in the middle of nowhere, rev about for a short weekend, then disappear off into the sunset in a haze of (hopefully not blue) smoke. I wish we could go but it's not likely. Any Type 3 owners out there who are able to make it, please send a full report, with pictures!

Ripping around town in the little red cutie seriously rocks. People point, giggle (in a good way), stop us to ask questions about her, they sometimes drool, and according to the previous owners they also avoid hitting the car because of its high level of cuteness. It makes sense, right? A car that is more noticeable will not get in as many accidents since drivers will be more aware of it. Wicked, a built-in safety cushion! I bought a pair of super keen shades that match the car. On those sunny days with my matching shades on and the oldies station cranked up, there's nothing better than tooling around giving other VWs the thumbs up.

Man. I'm a geek. But at least in this car I'm a geek with some cool assets. Next week let's talk about my assets. Or...let's not.


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    so....i see a pattern here - me: the most faithfull customer/commentator :)

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