Interludes of possession

Don't you just hate it when you think you've found something unique, unheard of, for your very own? Music gets that way, doesn't it?

In the past I used to wonder if I was a musical visionary. Hold your horses, I'll explain that obviously ridiculous and fanciful declaration. As a teenager I watched my fair share of Much Music. I would sometimes catch onto a new group or singer and decide that they would make it big. Eventually the video/song would be everywhere and I would feel like I’d predicted greatness. Truth is, it is much more likely that the video was being hyped up and overplayed so I happened to see it more often – just like everyone else.

A year ago (almost to the day), a friend introduced me to KT Tunstall, a Scottish singer/songwriter. I loved her smoky voice and attention to percussion. I tried to track her down back then but didn’t end up getting any of her music. This year, she’s suddenly everywhere, just like the pop groups of my youth I “discovered.” I still appreciate her music but I get a bit disgruntled when one of her tunes gets piped through the mall as background muzak (what the hell am I doing in a mall anyway, you may well ask). What the hell is everyone else doing with my soulful Scot? And why do I think she’s mine since I couldn’t even be bothered to find her stuff a year ago?

On another musical note, we went to Architecture in Helsinki at the Plaza Club in Vancouver about a week ago. They are from Melbourne, Australia, and I counted eight musicians on stage that night. What a show! I was a convert by the third tune and this group can truly perform. Apart from one girl who affected a truly bored, disaffected persona on stage, the rest of the band members were on the whole time. I developed a strong crush on the girl in black (in case you were there, dear reader) who was totally fun and sparky. She kept giggling at other band members and doing little shoulder dances; very cute.

Anyone see a good gig lately? I’m always looking for new tunes. Rather than visionary I purported to be earlier in the post, I would now describe me as being in a terminal musical rut. Send me tunes! Send me performers! I need more music resources so consider yourself responsible for future posts about music and musicians. The gauntlet has been thrown.

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