Playing hooky with chick flicks

I know, I know. I have a paper to read for, outline, flesh out, write, practice, and deliver before Saturday, but I still think a girl is entitled to playing hooky from the workload for a couple hours. This afternoon at the world's cheapest cinema, the Movie Mill in Lethbridge, I saw:
Who knew gymnastics were so damn nasty? A pretty good flick as chick flicks go. Lots of pathetically neat montages of kaleidoscopic gymnastics, lots of buff girls and gross leotards, and a really annoying Jeff Bridges (WHAATTT?), but overall enjoyable. Especially as a matinee!

Granted, it's no
(the Best Matinee Movie Ever) but Stick It does hold its own in terms of action, drama, and teenage rebellion in the world of sport.

Next on the list (well, actually it was top of the list a couple months ago but didn't happen so I'm hoping to catch it at a second run theatre pretty soon) is
I want to see it with Jessica because she caught a nasty bout of food poisoning the first time she tried to see it. Well, if the chinese food doesn't getcha, Antonio Banderas as a ballroom dancer turned ghetto superstar/missionary might. Wish us luck!

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